Being wedding photographers, we love everything about weddings! We also believe that marriage is so much more than the designer dress, and a gorgeous bouquet, it’s about committing your love + your life to your best friend.

When we got married, we were so young and had no idea what was in store for us. Not. A. Clue! Marriage is such a roller coaster ride. There are amazing high's, crashing low's, sometimes you want to scream in laughter, and other times you want to throw up. In the end you turn to the person who has gone throw this insane ride with you, squeeze them tight, and are thankful for every second of it. 

13 years ago today, we promised to do life with each other. We promised that we would be there through all of the up's, down's, and in-between's. We promised to put each other first, and to do the very best we could in every situation. We promised to love, laugh, and snuggle. To let go, say 'I'm sorry', and to forgive. 

People ask us all the time what our best marriage advice is. Honestly, we are far from experts on this topic, but the one thing that has helped us is to WALK IN LOVE. Whether you feel like it or not, do everything from a place of love.